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The road to recovery

After my gynaecologist told me that I had cancer, I now got an oncologist. We met with him a day or two later. He came to my room to discuss what was going to happen, he listened to my lungs and decided I needed to have the fluid drained. He told me that I needed to have chemotherapy and discussed the possible side effects, which included nausea, hair loss, fatigue, infertility, infection, immunosuppression and many more. I got a drain put into the left lung that day, thankfully I was sedated and felt nothing. This drain was awful, it was a tube coming out of my back with a tap and a small plastic bag connected. It was so painful and uncomfortable to sit and sleep with, I needed plenty of pain killers that weekend. The oncologist was still unsure of my diagnosis but said that because my cancer was stage four and aggressive, I would need to start chemo soon or else I would get very sick. Due to this he decided to treat it as an aggressive ovarian tumour until we got results. I needed …