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About Me

My name is Laura O'Neill, a 21 year old girl fighting the biggest battle of her life. At the beginning of this year I was diagnosed with a synovial sarcoma, one of the rarest forms of soft tissue cancer. 
 Before all of this I was studying business and working part-time. I was a real busybody, Constantly on the go and trying to evenly divide my time among friends, family and everything else in-between. I was so independent and loved the freedom of my life. I often finished college and found myself in a bar with friends sipping cocktails. I had very few responsibilities and I LOVED that! I could do what I wanted, when I wanted and no one could stop me. I loved nothing more than a good night out, I was a big partier and I just loved to socialise and dance with my friends. Ending up on an unexpected night out with Jane (who is my other half when it comes to a good night out), dancing till all hours then waking up the next morning and racing into work was a rare talent that I had mast…

How my journey began!

"Maybe you're allergic to cheese? Or bread?", "Could you be pregnant??","Are you constipated?". These are just a few of the diagnosis I had been receiving from my friends and family as I waddled around with my bloated stomach in discomfort. Thankfully I knew there was no chance of me being pregnant or I would have been seriously stressed out, but then again maybe I would have gotten it seen to quicker. I need to slap myself when I start thinking in hindsight and try my hardest to remember everything happens for a reason, even if the reason is impossible to find sometimes.
 At this time I was studying for my Christmas exams when I began to be too bloated to fit into my jeans and I knew that this was not normal. I was adamant that I was not constipated and after four doctor visits I was finally referred to A&E. I got an X-ray and was once again diagnosed with severe constipation! The doctor sent me off with an intensive laxative regime for the week…